Egg tumbler

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Products for the breeding of Plecos.


Egg tumbler for Plecos.

Discover the new generation egg tumbler. This egg tumbler for L-numbers laying will help you optimize your egg hatchings and avoid various undesirable rots thanks to an optimized flow system.


Corrugated tiles for young Plecos.

Discover the Eggster corrugated tiles specifically designed to breed young Plecos. These caches will help you improve the well-being and revive the colours of your young Loricariidae.


Egg-laying support for Discus et Angelfish.

Discover the egg-laying support revisited by Eggster! Specifically designed for Discus, Angelfish and Altums, this support can be attached directly onto your aquarium glass using its triple suction cup system. You can then install the laying support at the desired height.