Corrugated tiles/caches for Ancistrus and Hypancistrus

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Corrugated tiles for young Loricariidae.

Discover the Eggster corrugated tiles specifically designed to grow young Loricariidae (Hypancistrus, Ancistrus, Peckoltia, Panaqolus). These caches will help you improve the well-being and revive the colours of your young Loricariidae.


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Why is it important to provide caches to hide in for young Hypancistrus, Ancistrus or Peckoltia?

When young Loricariidae start swimming in an aquarium, they can become easy prey for other tank inhabitants. The best solution is to keep them in a rearing box until a size of 3-4cm in order to best control their feeding, their growth, and to maximize their chances of survival.

We created the Eggster corrugated tiles to help young Loricariidae grow properly under cover and to considerably reduce their stress.

Optimised dimensions

The corrugated tiles are very compact, which makes it possible to introduce them in small breeding boxes.

Very lightweight

The weight of the corrugated tiles has been reduced as much as possible in order to avoid maintenance accidents that could lead to the crushing of young fry when performing maintenance on the breeding boxes.

3D-printed with bioplastic

The corrugated tiles are fully 3D-printed with bio-based materials made from corn starch. This new technology allows for completely healthy and durable materials for your aquarium fish.

Best colouring

The corrugated tiles provide a sense of security for young fish so that they do not have dark colours due to stress.

Very easy to clean

Corrugated tiles are very easy to clean: just rinse them with tap water and scrub the dirtiest areas with a toothbrush.

Made in Europe

The Eggster corrugated roof tiles are manufactured in Europe and more precisely in Belgium.

Not enough space? Overlay.

The main benefit of these corrugated tiles is that they can fit into smaller-size breeding boxes. Sometimes, the young fry grows quite fast and they suffer from the lack of space and caches to hide in… This is why we designed a support allowing for an overlay of up to 3 corrugated tiles on top of each other in order to maximize the number of caches in a reduced space.

compact hiding place for a smallspace.

The corrugated tiles are available in sizes optimized to fit into small breeding boxes.

small hiding place for plecos
3 tiles + fastener 13,79 
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Eggster was born from a passionate enthusiast of aquariums and new technologies, dreaming of creating a project that combines his two passions. This has now been achieved through 3D printing. Eggster's products are primarily made of 3D-printed bioplastic and are designed to be adaptable and high-performing.

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