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How did the idea for an innovative egg tumbler come up?

I’ve been an aquarist for fifteen years, and I have been able to make various species reproduce, such as ancistrus and hypancistrus. During the breeding season of these species, I have observed, on several occasions, eggs expelled by the male which eventually rotted. The frustration of seeing some of my reproductions rot has driven me to find a solution.

Aquarists form a world community which is constantly evolving. As enthusiasts, we are all looking to improve our aquariums so that our fish live in the best possible conditions. With this in mind, I wanted to implement a system that could save my fry. I looked into the matter and after much research, I acquired different egg tumblers from various brands. However, I wasn’t sold by these egg tumblers. Indeed, egg movement was not optimal: the eggs remained stuck to the bottom, which eventually led to rotting and thus a further loss of fry.

Since I was not satisfied with the products on the market, I opted for another approach: creating an innovative and quality egg tumbler. Thus came the Eggster Egg tumbler. After several months of work, research and prototypes, I was finally able to find the most optimized version that had the best performance. The purpose of the Eggster egg tumbler is to prevent the rotting of part or all of the egg laying. This product is equipped with an innovative system with works differently.

Visually speaking, this egg tumbler may look like those you already know, but the inner workings are totally different and prevent the fry from sticking to the bottom. The circular movement of water allows them to develop properly.

In addition to the importance of water movement, it also seemed essential to me to use healthy products for my species. So I decided to make the Eggster egg tumbler with bio-sourced materials made of corn starch. This compound prevents any pollution of tank water.

Since I’ve been using this egg tumbler, I’ve never had a loss of fry and all my eggs are coming to term. So I wanted to share this product with aquarists who have been facing the same issues and who are looking to optimize the egg-laying of their species. So I leave you to discover for yourselves the Eggster egg tumbler which will certainly meet your needs.

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