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Egg tumbler for Plecos / L-numbers.

Discover the new generation egg tumbler. This egg tumbler for L-numbers (Hypancistrus, Bristlenose, Peckoltia, Panaqolus) laying will help you optimize your egg hatchings and avoid various undesirable rots thanks to an optimized flow system.

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Why are my Plecos eggs rotting?

Before creating the Eggster Egg tumbler, we tested all kinds of egg tumblers from well-known and lesser-known brands. For the majority of them, we were very disappointed with the movement and hatching performance of the eggs in their egg tumblers. The eggs were rotting quite fast and not moving around enough in the egg tumbler.

So we decided to create an egg tumbler that was designed differently to meet our needs. Once this egg tumbler was created, we observed a noticeable difference in the movement of the eggs, which prevented the creation of rot. We have compiled a list of benefits compared to other egg tumblers on the market to give you an idea of the numerous qualities of our Eggster egg tumbler.

Better flow distribution

Thanks to its special shape, the incubation chamber of the Eggster egg tumbler redirects the water flow conically from bottom to top. These flows allow for a better distribution and movement of the eggs, which prevents the creation of rot.

No osmotic shock due to environment change

Using the Eggster Egg tumbler will allow you to let the eggs develop in the same environment as the parents. That way, no osmotic shock can disturb your egg-laying.

3D-printed with bioplastic

Most of the parts that make up the Eggster egg tumbler have been 3D-printed with bio-sourced materials made from corn starch. Rest assured, this material will not decompose in your aquarium! Indeed, prolonged immersion for several years would be necessary to see signs of degradation on the Eggster egg tumbler. This new technology makes it possible to have totally healthy and durable materials for your aquarium fish.

Very small footprint

The Eggster Egg tumbler has been specifically designed to work in low height aquariums so that loricariid breeders no longer have to worry about oversized egg tumblers that do not fit in their aquariums.

Very easy to clean

The Eggster Egg tumbler is very easy to clean: simply rinse it thoroughly with tap water and scrub the dirtiest areas with a toothbrush.

Made in Europe

The Eggster egg tumbler is manufactured in Europe and more specifically in Belgium.

Low noise

Thanks to its bent shape, the end of the Eggster egg tumbler’s rejection rod is very quiet compared to other systems on the market.

Optimised water circulation.

The Eggster egg tumbler works with a turbo airlift system. This turbo aspirator sucks the contents of the incubation chamber in a circular and uniform manner. The incubation chamber, in turn, draws water from the aquarium through a strainer system creating a conical and circular upward flow. This current allows a homogeneous distribution of the flow and optimal movement for egg hatching.

Less mold for a better hatching rate.

Few things are more annoying than witnessing first-hand an egg being devoured by mold… With its optimized flow technology, the Eggster egg tumbler significantly reduces the likeliness of rot! However, despite good flow circulation, part of the egg-laying area might be affected by mold.

Known for their antimycotic (very active fungincide against fungi), antibacterial (bactericide) and antiparasitic properties, catappa leaves are a considerable ally when hatching your eggs. That’s why we created the Catappa Eggster Support.

The Catappa Eggster Support is the ideal accessory to complete the egg tumbler. It helps keep a catappa leaf placed right under the suction strainer of the Eggster egg tumbler. Thus, the constant diffusion of the tannins present in this leaf significantly reduces the development of mold on your fish eggs.

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Great possibilities in a small space.

The Eggster Egg tumbler has been designed to take up as little space as possible in your aquarium. It can be used in an aquarium with a very shallow height of 25 cm but also in a deeper aquarium of about 40-60 cm. As you can see, the Eggster Egg tumbler is very versatile and can be adapted to all types of aquariums.

size of Eggster egg tumbler
size of Eggster egg tumbler
1 egg tumbler 29,79 
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