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Pleco cave with removable lid.

The Eggster pleco cave with removable lid is a product designed specifically for the recovery of Pleco fry such as Hypancistrus, Ancistrus, Peckoltia, and Panaqolus. With these caves, you can retrieve the spawns of your fish without unnecessarily stressing them.

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One pleco cave,
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Why are pleco caves essential for the reproduction of Plecos?

Plecos are fish that require specific conditions for reproduction. To facilitate spawning and the protection of eggs and fry, pleco caves are an essential accessory in the aquarium. They provide a privileged space for Hypancistrus, ancistrus, peckoltia, and panaqolus, which can safely lay their eggs inside.

Our pleco cave with a removable lid has significant advantages over traditional pleco caves. The opening allows for optimal recovery of the fry, reducing male stress. By providing pleco caves for Plecos, you offer them a safe space that meets their reproduction needs.

Choosing an appropriate pleco cave is therefore essential to ensure successful reproduction and the well-being of your Plecos.

Optimal egg recovery

The recovery procedure is easy and does not disturb the fish. Simply place the pleco cave in a container of aquarium water, then gently open the lid to allow the fry to escape.

Less stress for the fish

One of the challenges in breeding Plecos is to retrieve the fry without disturbing the well-being of the male. Thanks to its removable lid, the Eggster recovery system allows for gentle release of the fry.

Porous support

The clay material used for the production of the pleco cave allows for better egg clusters adhesion inside the cave, preventing the offspring from being accidentally expelled by the male.

Partially 3D printed with bioplastic

The lid of the pleco cave is 3D printed using biobased materials made from corn starch. This new technology allows for completely safe and sustainable materials for your aquarium Plecos.

Made in Europe

The Eggster pleco cave is made in Europe, and more specifically in Belgium.

A custom-made pleco cave.

The pleco cave is available in a practical size (M).
However, it will soon be available in additional sizes to meet a greater variety of needs.

Dimensions of the Eggster pleco cave with removable lid.
1 pleco cave 7,79 
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