Eggster egg-laying support for Discus, Angelfish and Altums

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Egg-laying support for Discus and Angelfish.

Discover the egg-laying support revisited by Eggster! Specifically designed for Discus, Angelfish and Altums, this support can be attached directly onto your aquarium glass using its triple suction cup system. You can then install the laying support at the desired height.

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This versatile egg-laying support has
7 benefits.

Why do my Discus and Angelfish hatchings rot?

There are several reasons that could explain your fish failing to lay eggs. The most frequent cause is the absence of fertilization of the eggs by the males. Bad fertilization will lead to a partial or even total rotting of the eggs, which is why particular attention must be paid to the following aspects:

  • The settings of your water must be impeccable
  • The filter pump must be switched off during egg laying
  • The breeding pair should not be too young

Before we created the Eggster egg-laying supports, we had many mishaps trying to breed Discus and Scalar. We studied the subject extensively to have the best hatching rate in our breeding tanks. During our research, we noticed that the egg-laying support was a crucial element not to be neglected when breeding your fish. So we decided to develop an egg-laying support designed in a different way to optimize the chances of success when breeding Discus and Angelfish.


Better egg visibility

The flat surface of the egg-laying support allows Discus and Angelfish to have a better visibility of the eggs on their support and thus, better ventilation.

Porous support

The texture’s granulometry of the egg-laying support has been specifically designed for an optimal grip on your fry.

Very easy to clean

The Eggster egg-laying support is very easy to clean: just rinse it thoroughly with tap water and scrub the dirtiest areas with a toothbrush.

Made in Europe

The Eggster egg-laying support is made in Europe and more precisely in Belgium.

Very small footprint

The Eggster Discus and Angelfish egg-laying support is mounted on a glass panel in your aquarium and is only 5cm thick once installed.

Effective attachment

The Eggster egg-laying support is attached to your aquarium glass with 3 suction cups.

3D-printed with bioplastic

The Eggster egg-laying support was fully 3D-printed with biosourced materials made from corn starch. This new technology makes it possible to have totally healthy products for your fish.

A rim to prevent the fry fromscattering.

The collecting rim has been designed so that the fry will settle on it when they come off the holder. This way, parents can quickly retrieve them and reattach them to the holder.

Great possibilities in a small space.

Designed to take up as little space as possible in your aquarium, the Eggster egg-laying support is, as you can see, very versatile and can be adapted to all types of aquariums.

Incubateur oeufs hypancistrus, ancistrus, cichlidés peu encombrant
1 egg-laying support 15,79 
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Eggster was born from a passionate enthusiast of aquariums and new technologies, dreaming of creating a project that combines his two passions. This has now been achieved through 3D printing. Eggster's products are primarily made of 3D-printed bioplastic and are designed to be adaptable and high-performing.

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